Orlando Maldonado

– Head Brewer

In 2006 I tasted my first craft beer and frankly I didn’t know what I was tasting. It was murky and copper in color, flavorful and bitter, which I oddly enjoyed. It was a Manny’s Pale Ale from Georgetown Brewing in Seattle. I didn’t realize beer could taste so good!

In 2011, I started visiting and touring as many breweries as I could. I started occupying my free time by watching videos, reading homebrew Blogs, and books. I took the leap and bought my first extract homebrew kit in December of 2012. Oddly the first brew I created was an Alt Style beer. The entire house smelled like hops and I loved it! After that batch, I immediately turned to an “all grain” homebrew system. It wasn’t glamorous but it produced some memorable brews. I realized very quickly that I was actually really good at brewing. I wanted to take it to the next level.

A couple of years went by and a few dozen batches of homebrew later, I decided to turn my passion for brewing into a career. James Lundgren and I sought some investors and little did we know it would end up giving us an all-star team of enthusiastic brewers, and great friends, who all have a passion for the industry and who believe in the product and the brand.

My hope is that the hard work and dedication to this endeavor shows in every smell and sip of Mount Olympus Brewing beer. One day soon I will be drinking a Crowler™ of my beer on top of Mount Olympus smiling down on the world below.  Be confident, dream big, and take pride in your hard work!


Orlando Maldonado