2020 Collaborations

Mount Olympus Brewing + Georgetown

February 3rd, 2020

In February, James, Orlando and Daryl from the M.O.B crew went to Seattle to brew with Matt Edwards at Georgetown Brewing. It was a great brew day to tour the facility and just chat about beer. We made an American IPA that was called Mount George. Here are some pictures below that James and Daryl shot. Enjoy!

Mount Olympus Brewing + Mainstem Malt + Grays Harbor Stream Team + 3 Magnets Brewing

September 18th, 2020

Stream Team NW Style Fest Lager releases in cans Saturday, October 17th to coincide with the Lower Satsop Planting event held by the Grays Harbor Stream Team.

Hops: Chinook and El Dorado hops sourced from Roy Farms

Malts: Pilsner, Vienna and Hard Red Munich Wheat sourced from Mainstem Malt. 

A community is not the buildings, it’s the people. Without people you have no community.

We love our community and all that it has to offer so when we had the chance to bring awareness to the fantastic group of volunteers at the Grays Harbor Stream Team, we seized it! They work tirelessly to clean up and care for our local waterways and the aquatic residents in those marine communities.

To help bolster this project’s support of conservation, we thought of no better way than to work directly with the Grays Harbor Stream Team and a few others.

The Stream Team is community project founded in 2009 that strives to enhance and protect the natural waterways of the lower Chehalis Watershed through community action and education. The Stream Team envisions an active and engaged local community dedicated to vibrant and healthy streams, rivers, and estuaries that sustain salmon and shellfish. This objective is met in three ways. First, through volunteer stream restoration projects such as garbage and invasive plant removals and tree plantings. Second, through educational presentations and field trips at local schools and in the local community. And last but certainly not least, through outreach activities at local community events. 

Since its inception, the Grays Harbor Stream Team has delivered environmental restoration and education activities collaboratively with local partnerships, agencies and those volunteers who work tirelessly to make a difference in the community in which they live.

To celebrate and support them, we brought them in and teamed up Mainstem Malt and 3 Magnets brewing to brew a Salmon-Safe beer featuring Salmon-Safe malt from Mainstem and Salmon-Safe hops from Roy Farms in Moxee, WA. A portion of the proceeds will be placed directly in the hands of the Grays Harbor Stream Team for operational costs. If you’ve been looking for ways to make a difference in your community, volunteering at one of their events is a great little to no cost way to get out and enjoy what Grays Harbor County has to offer while doing so. If that isn’t your style, enjoy a pint or two of this collaboration brew and make a difference in a libatious way!

Brew day picture at Mount Olympus Brewing

You are also a member of the craft community but what is your role as a craft beer enthusiast?

Now more than ever, folks want to know where the food they eat comes from and how it found its way to their tables. This is evident in the resurgence of farmer’s markets and homestead gardening. Every time you drink a pint of beer, you play a major role in this consumer driven shift in the ingredient supply chain. 

Because craft beer drinkers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about the hops that go into their favorite pints, they have created the demand for locally grown, quality hops. They are getting to know the suppliers and, in some cases, the farms like Roy Farms themselves.

Alexa from Grays Harbor Stream Team pouring hops in the Boil Kettle.

Craft beer drinkers, simply by enjoying pints have lifted the hop growing industry and steered their course away from a once increasingly bleak future. You did that… yes… you!

Just like hops, the malt industry has also seen a large increase in demand and your growing appetite for quality ingredients has created it. Craft malts are grown by your neighbor and many other small farms across WA, OR and the rest of the world. These days, we are fortunate enough to know where and how these malts find their way to our pint glass.

Craft Maltsters directly connect you with family farms. They connect you with your neighbor or theirs.

When you enjoy craft pints, you put food on the table for their families. You pay for the boots on their feet. This strengthens local economies when purchased at their local farm supply or hardware store. You help them to create a community in which they live. A community where children learn and grow, and at times walk in the footsteps of those that came before them whether it be farming or contributing to their community in countless other ways.

How is all of this relevant?

For this project, we were honored to work with Mainstem Malt. Maintstem is on a mission to build innovative malt supply chains in support of family farms, rural communities, and landscape-scale conservation and as such, Mainstem collaborates with conservation organizations on farm-friendly projects in the places they love.

Mainstem collects crops from an environmentally innovative team of family farms and makes connections to artisans and consumers who value their conservation ethic. They partner with craft maltsters like Linc Malt in Spokane, WA, Skagit Valley Malting in Burlington, WA and Montana Craft Malt in Butte, MT who transform the growers’ grain into Salmon-Safe malt.

We encourage you learn more about the project team, craft beer ingredients and how you can make a difference by lifting a shovel or lifting a pint. Check out the list of links below for more information.